Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What do you wear to a quinceanera if you are a guest?

I've just been invited to my friends quince but I have no idea what to wear...fancy/casual, just fancy, or just casual?

What do you wear to a quinceanera if you are a guest?
For all of the Quinceanera's I've been too they tend to be a little on the formal side. The families and participants tend to dress formal and the guest dress semi.

But if yo are worried plain out ask the young lady that invited you. I did for my first one I told her out right I had no idea how a quince worked and I wanted to be respectful of her culture and party. She really respected that I asked and I ended up not wearing the dress I was gonna origanally wear that matched her partcipants dresses. I was glad and we are still best friends to this day.

Have a blast and enjoy the day it is usually a very beautiful and fun day.
Reply:A BIG MEXICAN SUMBRERO and a wicked smile and nothing else!!!
Reply:Wear what you would wear to a homecoming dance.
Reply:Quinceaneras are are a bit formal, but not cocktail dress formal- leave that to the immediate family and those standing in the actual event. I would go with fancy casual and don't forget to wear comfortable shoes because you will dance. Have fun!
Reply:I vote for fancy. I would wear a nice dress, not too formal, but something that is pretty and a color that flatters you...Do not try to out dress the young lady who is having the party, but wear something pretty and have your hair and nails done nicely.

It is a coming out party for the young lady, (when she reaches 15) and the events are often catered, with live entertainment. If you look nice you will be more comfortable, and you will enjoy yourself, it's a celebration! Have a wonderful time!
Reply:semi formal. So like a dress that isn't super fancy, or a nice skirt outfit. high heels are okay. usually you wear a dress.
Reply:something fancy...
Reply:try a little bit of both. something like a purple or gold cocktail dress is cute with some jewlery and a clutch to match your shoes. have fun and good luck ♥
Reply:Depending on the setting, but normally its semi-formal. Dress as if you were attending a wedding. In the Hispanic culture this is a "coming out" party and is usually a very big deal. To get a better idea ask some of your girlfriends that are attending and dress accordingly.
Reply:Quinceanera's are a little bit on the formal side...i would wear a cute dress paired with some cute heels!!!! Just remember to have fun with it!!

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