Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Okay so im 15 i didnt have my quince?

and i didnt want it at first but now that im 15 i regret it.

so i was wondering if i should have my 16th or 18th party?


Okay so im 15 i didnt have my quince?
definitely have a sweet 16 party! you can make it extra special since you didn't have a quince.

you wouldn't even need to spend alot of money.. you could invite some of your best girl friends over, dressed up.. or go out to eat and to a movie.
Reply:Awww, you're spanish too ?

Just have a sweet 16, I guess.
Reply:I take it thats for your 15th birthday. Have a sweet 16th.
Reply:oh well, yah a sweet 16 then.......

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