Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quince dance? [10 poins to person with best dance]?

For my quince dance I want it to be like a merengue or salsa type thing. Something with a sort of fast beat. I was hoping that you guys could send me links to videos of this sort of thing? [not sure if it made sence how it explained it]

Quince dance? [10 poins to person with best dance]?
My favorite salsa song is by Gilberto Santa Rosa. It is "La agarro bajando" it might be cool because you are coming of age and it talks about the girl who is kind of wild and he is talking about how is planning on catching her, but he is totally under her spell.

If you are dancing with your dad, you probably want something real traditional, don't you? I don't know if that would be the kind of song to dance to with your dad? The beat is the best though.

I also like "Juliana, que mala eres" now that one is a crowd pleaser because it is so fun, everyone loves it, and it makes you want to dance. It would be cute because as a young woman coming of age..."que mala eres" would be kind of sassy.

Have you heard "Estoy Enamorada" that is so cute, a girl is complaining about her dad who always hangs up on her boyfriend etc. Maybe not the quince dance, but it would be fun to play to tease your dad.


I would love to know about your quince party. I'm a Spanish teacher and have never been to one, only have heard about them.

Starts out as a slow dance, but gets faster near the middle. Looks nice. Hope it helps.

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