Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quince in april...need theme ideas!!?

okei..so me and my sisters quince((sweet 15)) is going to be in april..and we need theme ideas

Quince in april...need theme ideas!!?
my cousin had hers last month and she came in wearimd a beautiful lavender dress with lavender flowers

the room had tons of white tables with lavender everywhere

the guys wore suits with lavender ties

and it was just really nice

so maybe a lavender theme

or lime green would be pretty

or watever ur fav color is
Reply:well if i was a girl and was turning 15, i would do my party Mexican theme. First of all im Mexican, so thats why. I would put Mexican Sombreros and have like El son de la negra dance. Maybe even real live Mariachi, who knows there is endless Mexican things u could do. VIVA MEXICO
Reply:spring theme
Reply:i say you go with the tropical theme because it is in april. good luck with ur quince!!!!! and enjoy!
Reply:cinderella theme

princess theme

hawaiian theme

asian theme
Reply:flowers, stars, hearts, spring, black and white, music, all one color, formal, ect.
Reply:cinderela theme always looks d best!!!
Reply:tropical theme i am having mine on funship
Reply:wow is should be so fun to do this you should do like nite in new york or miami sumthing fun and classy

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