Saturday, November 14, 2009

Should I have a Quince or a Sweet 16?

Quince,it is more traditional and special to you,since quinces are only for girls.It is easier to plan out and you should embrace your culture.I think a quince is better because you have more family and frineds involved with the planning and ritual.Basically it is more traditional.

Should I have a Quince or a Sweet 16?
A quince, your probably spanish if your asking this and you should follow tradition.
Reply:A quince. You dress like a princess and you have 15 girls %26amp; guys that are part of your party. It just looks a lot more elegant than a Sweet 16. You will have a mass in your honor and it you go through more of the traditions of becoming a child to a young woman for example: dancing with your father, giving the doll away, etc. I think they are more beautiful than having a sweet 16. In the end it is your choice. Good luck!

if u can afford it

a quince because of tradition

and a sweet 16 because almost every girl in the US

has one
Reply:BOTH!! LOL but that is too expensive so Sweet 16. Because you get to have more priviliedges than 15.

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