Monday, May 17, 2010

What do the padrinos have to pay for in a quinceanera?

my family is getting together to discuss what is need to be bought. for my quince in a year and seven months. i know somethings like the cake, the dress, the necklace, ring, bracelet, bible, rosary, pillow. thats all i know if there is anything else please tell me.

What do the padrinos have to pay for in a quinceanera?
Well a "Padrino" is the man that would take care of you and play the male role if the father would die. But in some instances, El Padrino, is more than that he is like a father even if the father is still alive. He would pay for your Quinceañera, just to show the family that he will always be there for you, at any time of need. He is just like a father to you.

I believe that is all you need, my daugthers Quinceañera was like a wedding. So get prepared for a lot of changing of minds and a lot of going ons. But you are a very lucky girl to have family that cares so much about you. If you see the pictures of my daughters party and her real wedding they almost look alike.

Enjoy my dear girl. You are blessed.

el salon

el banquete

la musica

i think thats it

invitame lol

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