Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Quince themes?

okay so imhaving my qiunce soon and i need a good theme that i can have an over trhe top party !

please give me some ggod themes and some ideas for things i can do at the party

some info..

im a prep.

and already noe about the fairytale theme so if you were gonna tell me thatn just give me some things that i could do and stuff

Good Quince themes?
Well, I know I already told you about the theme, but at my cousin's quince all they did was dance. It was really formal. So can't help you much if you want over the top. they also had a karaoke thing set up for her friends (she had a lot of family there). I guess just do stuff you normally do at a party? Idk, I was really young at the time.

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