Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are you having for Easter Dinner?

This Easter I will be having a glorious Herb-Butter-Roasted Turkey bird with festive trimmings, including herbs, baby squash, Seckel pears, crab apples, quinces, and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. Of course we will be having stuffing, ear potatoes, gravy, pies, and big macs.

What are you having for Easter Dinner?
and big macs? like from mcdonalds - what the hell do you need mcdonalds for with all that food?
Reply:Spit Roasted Bunny

Roast Potatoes, Kumara and Yams
Reply:Ham is the main course. I will make carrots with cinnamon, a salad with tortellini and red cabbage, and of course my world famous bunny cake. lol.
Reply:Ham, Creamed Corn, Kielbasa, Mashed Potatoes, Easter Pie, Green Beans.....also chocolate Peanut Butter eggs.
Reply:No idea yet. Probably some grilled chicken and steaks. With shrimp salad, rice, cheesy potatoes, and bread.
Reply:We always have Leg-O-Lamb. Mashing potatoes, corn casserole and green beans.
Reply:Hopefully a delicous ham!! Yummy!
Reply:every year we mix it up for easter. Somtiems we have a bbq or a mexican feast. I think we are goin for the feast this year, enchaladas, chimis , mexican rice, and beans. and probaly some sort of desert like a cake or ice cream sundays
Reply:We will be having both ham and turkey.(have to please everyone on this special day).

Mashed potatoes made with sour cream and creamed cheese (extra yummy).

Sweet potato casserole and brussel sprouts.

And for dessert::apple cheescake and turtle pie.

Can hardly wait.

Of course there will be stuffing....cranberries......coleslaw and all the trimmings.
Reply:I am coming to your house!
Reply:Rabbit....his job is done. Haahaaa - sorry, I couldn't resist ;)
Reply:I think this year I will be making enough to feed an army. My friends and family want me to make my spicy ham and a turkey. Along with all the fixings, stuffing, potato salad, fresh green salad, cranberry sauce, peas, sweet potato packets, begger's purses and pies. I don't know what else there will be because others will be bringing there favorite things. I hope this was some help to you.


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