Thursday, May 20, 2010

Im going to a quince tomorrow?

Where can I find these clothings FAST and at store...please HELP! thx..........

Im going to a quince tomorrow?
Umm, no offence but that's not really formal enough for a Quince.

But here is one.

Top- in white-



Usually Quince's are more formal (I'm going to one tonight)

So here's a formal dress..(Still casual, but...)
Reply:you are really pressed over this look! i saw the other question you posted up.

There are better looks than dat.
Reply:if you have a freind your size borrow something. if not, go to a local store, target, walmart, etc, theyre bound to have something.

good luck! =]
Reply:Does it have to be the exact same outfit? If not try Macy's or wetseal or forever 21... The "look" will be easy to get.
Reply:take it from ur friends

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