Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Sixteen or Quince???

Hi! My twin sister and I have had one party: our first birthday. We have finally convinced our parents to let us have a coming out party. But, we are mixed. Our mom is white and our dad is hispanic. So, we have to decide between a Sweet Sixteen or a Quince. A Sweet Sixteen is less cultural, more for friends. And the Spainish tradition of a Quince, a coming of age party for a 15 year old girl, is more of a family affair. Which do you think is better? We want to make it as special as possible. Thank you for any answers or opinions. =)

Sweet Sixteen or Quince???
try to combine traditions from both, celebrate on your 15 birthdays and since in the spanish tradition it is a coming of age party then you can also incorperate some of the things a sweet sixteen would usually do.

plus you have the added benefit of "coming of age" a whole year before all of your non-spanish-cultured friends!
Reply:I agree you should do both!!

---I am also part hispanic...but also part lebanese, spanish and indian. Along with German and British


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