Monday, May 17, 2010


What can I do to make my quince memorable, while still being verry traditional Mexical styled?? My sister did like the whole all out wear a wedding dress thing but I wanted mine to be a much smaller more intimate affair. I know it sounds really cheesey but I was thinking like in my backyard with like lots of home cooked food??? Does this sound way ghetto...and does anyone know like how to put on a Mexican fiesta...remember very authentic. :] thanks

Your Quince should be exactly the way YOU want it. What do your parents/family say? The great thing about Mexican food is that it's easy to prepare in advance - except the tortillas so you might consider rolls instead. Barbacoa and birria work well and, of course, rice and beans. Add a green or potato salad and you're set. You can rent chafing dishes and dinnerware if you want to do a buffet or ask your tias and other family members help serve plates of food. You can make any backyard look as formal or as casual as you like and a Quinceanera can be wonderful on any budget. Just make sure you havae a great photographer to capture your special day. Felicidades!

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