Monday, May 17, 2010

Quince speeches?!!!?

ok, ive been trying to come up with a real nice speech for my quince party, but im havn some trouble about what i should add in it, what to say...and i get a lil nervous standing alone in front of almost any1......nd is it ok if there arnt so many guys at a 15 party. there are a few i'v invited, but i dont have a lot of of guy frends, and i'v decided not to have an that ok, or will every1 act strange about it?....just wondering. ......Oh and if you could give me some web pages 4 speeches, that b cool 2. thanx!!

Quince speeches?!!!?
Keep it short, thank your parents. Thank everyone for coming. Tell everyone to have a good time........ Good Luck.

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