Monday, May 17, 2010

Quince party?

my firend is haveing a quince this weekend and i wanted to know at a Quince party do you have to wear somthing dressy like a nice dress or like skirts and a nice shrit??

Quince party?
It depends on where the party is and how close you are to your friend. If it's a really close friend you might want to wear a cute party dress with some flats and if it's just any friend and you don't feel like dressing up you can just wear jeans and a cute shirt. When im not sure what to wear to quince i wear jeans, a cute shirt, and flats.

Good luck and hope you have fun. =D
Reply:i usually wear a dress (not to fancy though)

a couple people wear jeans butt i wouldnt

my friend was gonna go in jeans butt i let her wear one of my dresses instead:)
Reply:What on earth is a quince party? Does it have anything to do with the yellow furry fruit of the same name.

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