Monday, May 17, 2010

Im going to a quince!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!?

ok, well my friend's quince is next saturday and I have never been to one before!!!! im just not really sure about what to wear or what to get her!!! she tells me that im one of her FEW black friends :( so what should i do????

Im going to a quince!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Treat it as if you are going to a wedding. As for a gift, anything you would give her for her birthday works for this occasion
Reply:hi, I'm goin to a quince on friday n I dunno wut 2 wear... I was wonderin wut u wore? I am one of a few black friends she has... Dere r only gonna b 2 black ppl dere me n my otha friend... she isn't even black, she's hispanic but she looks black Report It

Reply:Try this site so that you will be familiar with La Quinceañera:

As for a gift: a basket filled with some of her favorite things.

***Have fun!!!

shoe buckles

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