Monday, May 17, 2010

Has anyone been to a Quince? cause i need help!?

My friend's having her Quince in July, and i need a "date" to bring. I was gonna bring one of my guy friends, but he totally screwed me over so i cant take him now. Now what do i do? I don't really have any guy friends...and i don't have any cousins or brothers my age. the first practice is tomorrow too. I don't need a "date" for then, but i still need one. HELP?

Has anyone been to a Quince? cause i need help!?
I am sure you can find a date by July. Stop being a stuck up chick and make some guy friends.
Reply:I don't understand if you need a Chambelan or do you need someone to got to the party??? If it is for the party then just take some girls, there are always guys up in those parties... If you need a chambelan for the 15th, 1st pratice then just tell anyone around your school or you could tell her to get someone for you...most of the time the girl la quinceñara will get a chambelan for u

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