Monday, May 17, 2010

Good Quince outfit?

What do you think of this dress and shoes for a quince?


(blue dress, not brown)



(but in black)


Thanks :]

Good Quince outfit?
i LOVE the dress! I dont know if black accessories are the best choice. Brown almost seems to go with gold better than i would choose some gold accessories but dont go TOO flashy or it will just look bad...

here is something similar to what i was thinking of but not exactly it..

and maybe a long droopy necklace (again not the exact idea but watever)

OH PS TRY TO GO FOR A SHOE THAT IS MORE THE GOLD COLOR OF THE NECKLACE....the gold shoes i found were way too dull and almost looked like silver! so go to target and find some cute gold shoes and even bring ur dress to try on with the outfit to see if it matches

good luck and have a great quince
Reply:i love the dress, i think you need a dressier shoe
Reply:aren't quince dresses supposed to be white?
Reply:the dress is cute.. but yea i think you do need some gold in it. :) hope you have fun at the quincenera!

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